About our Breakout boxes !

With more than 40 years of experience in the electronics industry, we offer you the benefit of our breakout box expertise. Previously proposed for the aviation industry, we now offer our standard products or customized for all industrial business.


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Years of existence
Customers around the world
Applicable for any existing connector

Standard Key features

All kind of connectors

Backshell with clamp cable

Gauge defined by contact size

Sockets and shunts chosen according to the line to be cut (2mm banana, 4mm Banana, coax, quadrax, …)

Material ABS UL94V0

Made in France / EC / ROHS marking

Unlimited warranty for normal use

After sales service and repair on demand

We take care of all your needs

You only have to send us the reference of the connector A and/or B. Unless special specifications, we take care of everything !

Terms and conditions

Quote, payment, packaging and delivery

  • Receive your proposal 48 hours upon receipt of your request
  • Consult our payment terms in our offers
  • Currency is in Euros
  • Free delivery in France and ex-works outside french territory
  • Delivery packaging in shock-proof case or bulk
  • Delivery times are variable and are communicated in our offers

About us

www.breakout-box.online is managed by Celectron, a French company active for more than 40 years in the aerospace tooling market.

  • Our core business is to design, industrialize and manufacture electronic systems and electrical wiring.
  • Our customers are the majors of the aerospace market: Airbus Helicopters, Safran Landing Systems, Techman Head,… but we also work for small companies.
  • Our concern is to bring you the best service at the most competitive price.